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About Us

As consultants we’ve had the opportunity to be involved in development and digital maturity with a wide range of businesses. Our clients include TV2, FINN, DN, Government, Norsk Hydro, Statoil/Equinor, BI, DNV GL, YARA and OBOS. We also worked with a long range of financial customers including DNB, Gjensidige, Sparebanken Vest, Sparebanken Sør, Sparebanken Sogn & Fjordane, Landkreditt, etc.

Arena Data Consulting focuses on expert assistance and analysis in connection with the digital channel and web analytics/marketing.

Head of the company is Michael Fongen who has been working closely with many of Norway’s largest companies for over 6 years. Besides that, Michael was one of the first in Norway with an education deepened in Digital Marketing.

Our philosophy

Arena Data Consulting AS was launched to provide independent advice. After many years of Webtrends, the market leader in its time, we have seen that many solutions exist in the market, not just for web analytics, but also for Tag Management, analysis/visualization, marketing measurement, etc. For Arena Data Consulting to be independent advisors, we consequently try to have an “arm’s length” to the solution providers.

We believe that any digital mature customer must have a data layer as the basis for all digital content. We have therefore provided data layer specifications for many years, either indirectly through measurement strategy and scheduling plans, or directly, through systematized attributes that identify data and elements, both from publishing (CMS) and Dynamic Content (Single Page Applications), typically controlled by a Tag Management Solution (TMS); such as Tealium iQ TMS, or Google Tag Manager.

Some customers have a simplified data layer, where groups and segments are defined, through meta tags and variables in dynamic solutions. Other customers have more complete models, where business, customer segment, country, language, product, message, department, partner, scenario name, step, page name, title, group, success criteria, goals etc are defined so that all data is unified up to all measurement systems. This includes your web analytics tool, Adform, Facebook, DoubleClick, LinkedIn, etc.

Above all, our experts look forward and beyond, and seek to define the overall data layer model that best meets the ambitions and requirements of each customer for automation, digitalization, and total digital insight, in the short and long term.

Working method

As a result, a customer of Arena Data Consulting will not only get the digital advice, but also the experience and insight from years of work with the country’s most advanced web solution.

We have customers who use us few hours a week and we have customers that we work with 3 days a week, with advisors who assist developers of applications and creative teams all the time. The need for assistance will be guided by budgets, aspirations, digital maturity, and how many applications you develop at any given time.

We want our customers to own the most of the insight and expertise. However,  If you use us a little, you do not get far and you spend too much, so you will miss out on valuable competence raising by your own employees. Even more, our service is most worthwhile for those customers who manage to identify a small number of owners of the solutions, which can establish continuity in such a staff, which can bring this expertise and working methodology beyond the organization.

You do not become world champion by hiring a world champion one hour a week, nor do you become world champion by having an expert on your side all the time. We are concerned with the balance between what we deliver and what knowledge the customer can acquire in the organization over time.

Our Incredible Team

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Our office

Oslo, Norway

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