Work with us

Work with us

TriEye, a Norwegian Startup

We have had the privileges this year to work with TriEye Eyewear. This has bees really fun and educational for us. To address the world instead of Norway is a bit different. We have been a part of this project since planning for launch on Kickstarter. Let us share a bit about the project with you.


TriEye is a Norwegian startup that created a new type of glasses that lets you see behind you when cycling. These glasses are primarily made for cycling, but really help you to do the same thing when running, rowing, riding your kick scooter and more.

Kickstarter – Let’s get funded!

We started with our process in November 2017. It was time to find out how we were going to pitch this to the consumers. We found out that we would create a video that shows both the Norwegian landscape and how the glasses work.

We rigged up our film gear and created this video.

To make this into an effective launch, we teamed up with Agency 2.0 that specialize in crowdfunding campaigns worldwide. This team and hard work would make this successful.

Eurobike – The world`s leading trade fair for the cycling industry.

Eurobike is one of the biggest cycling fares in the world. Everyone is here. As a part of the team, we designed and created the stand for the show. It was a little at the last minute, but we got it done and was very happy with the result.

With over 40.000 people visiting, it was important to make us visible. We where at Eurobike first and foremost to find distributors.  it was a blast, people were so amazed about how the product worked and we got a lot of good response from potential distributors

Eurobike – The award

As part of our trip to Eurobike in Germany, we also added the glasses to find out how well it performed before a jury of people in the cycling industry. This was a competition with many contesters. TriEye went first to the final, and then became the Public’s Choice Award Winner, You can see the team got really thrilled.

Here is the founder with his daughter.

Big Thanks

This project has been a lot of fun for us. A big thanks to all that have been contributing to this success.

TriEye Eyewear was 100 % funded and is now opening their webshop in August. Check out the website here